The National Arena

The National Arena is a football stadium in Bucharest, in the Lia Manoliu Sports Complex.

The stadium is built on the site of the former National Stadium, which was completed in 1953. It is a UEFA Elite Stadium (Category 4).

The venue holds 55,200 people. 3,600 VIP seats are available, with another 126 seats allotted for the press (with a possible expansion to 548 seats). The stadium includes some 360 restrooms and a retractable roof, which can be opened or closed in 15 minutes. It is also endowed with a floodlight system and 2100 parking spaces.

The highest audience for a football game was achieved at the UEFA Europa League Final hosted on 9 May 2012. The game between two Spanish teams, Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao, brought 52,347 people to the stadium.

The Second purpose of the stadium is to host Concerts such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lady Gaga and others.

National Arena is located in the vicinity of Hotel Royal Bucharest. Just 10 minutes walking and 5 minutes by car.